A Week in Crete

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Over the Easter Holidays we visited the island of Crete and stayed at the Geo Houses, in a village outside of Rethymno. The location of the villas was absolutely perfect for relaxing and enjoying the peaceful scenery, and the owner Ms. Zambia was a very sweet and hospitable person and was constantly treating us with traditional Cretan food, or making sure that we had everything we needed.

View of the sunset, Geo Houses
Behind the Geo Houses (Bag - Stradivarius)
Wearing: Sunglasses - AliExpress, Shirt and Necklace - H&M, Thrifted Benetton Jacket - Kilo Shop

Crete is in fact the largest Greek island, and as such has a great variety in landscape: from valleys and rivers to mountains and beaches, from tiny villages to urban life. The city of Rethymno was just a bleep away from where we were staying, so we managed to pop into town a couple of times. We wandered about the old town center, did a little shopping spree, and enjoyed a cup of coffee. 

Having a cup of Greek coffee by the sea in Rethymno
The marine of Rethymno
Wearing: Bag, Shoes, and Necklace - H&M, Shirt -Toi&Moi, Thrifted Wrangler Jacket - Kilo Shop
Nails: CND Shellac - Cityscape, Romantique

During our last free day we went to visit the village of Margarites, which is well known for its pottery and ceramic art. We had the chance to stop by multiple pottery studios, but spent most of our time in the Kerameion workshop, where the owner kindly enough showed us the way he makes some of the things that are on display in his shop, while explaining us their history and use.
Later that day we wound up at the historical sight of the Arkadi Monastery. Although it was closed by the time we arrived, it looked beautiful underneath the starry sky, so we had a blast just by walking around the church.

The Ida/Psiloritis mountain, near the ancient village of Eleutherna
In the Kerameion Workshop, Margarites village
The Arkadi Monastery

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