Current Hair Care Routine

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My hair is possibly my favorite part about me, so I take care of it religiously and I really enjoy trying out new products. About a month ago, I started using the Hair Repair line from Schwarzkopf because, they were quite affordable products and they also had a very seductive smell.
This whole line from Gliss uses liquid keratin as its main ingredient and it is targeted for dry and damaged hair. I use the Total Repair Conditioner and the Total Repair Mask in rotation throughout the week, because even though they both get the job done, sometimes I just need the extra hydration that a hair mask can offer. With the exception of how quickly the mask acts (it takes just one minute) these two are very similar products in how soft they can make your hair feel after just one application, and they are also  great for detangling, too.
The next step is the Total Repair Cream, which I use in combination with the Total Repair Mask, about 2-3 times a week. What surprised me at first was that it contains shimmery particles in it, but after applying it on my hair they were no longer detectable, they just add a very subtle shine. I use the cream mostly when it’s extremely humid and my hair needs the extra hold. 
What I use almost everyday is the Chi Silk Infusion which is probably my favorite hair product. I got the smaller size because it seemed more travel friendly, and even though I’ve had this little bottle for 5 months it still hasn’t gone past the middle. I love using this silk oil as a heat protectant before I style my hair, and I occasionally use it again afterwards for hold. It helps my dry ends immensely, and makes them look much healthier.


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