Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

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From the left: Pink Punch, Cherry Me, Intense Care

For the rest of the world Baby Lips are probably old news, but they just launched a few weeks ago here in Greece and we've been testing them since.
They come in 6 different versions, three of them are clear and three of them are tinted. We got two of the tinted lip balms (Pink Punch, Cherry Me) and a clear one (Intense Care).Those that are tinted are not heavily pigmented,  they just apply a sheer wash of color to your lips. Pink Punch is a lovely cool toned pink, and Cherry Me is actually a warm pink rather than the cherry red we were expecting it to be, but we liked it nonetheless.
Texture-wise, these lip balms are on the lighter side and not waxy at all, so if you need to really feel the protection or moisturization, you might want to be a little heavy handed with them. They're paraben-free and contain shea butter, but they also contain petroleum which tends to only mask the problem of dry lips and usually makes it worse. 
Baby Lips have some nice things going for them: the packaging is adorable, they smell great, they add some color to your lips, the clear ones have an SPF of 20, they’re very affordable, and even though they’re not a fix for cracked lips, they are a quick way to take away the dryness.

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