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I'm not one to really fuss over skincare and I prefer using products that don't make my life difficult. But because I believe in prevention, I was in search of a new moisturizer that would be more intense than the previous one I have been using. So, a couple of months ago after a friend's recommendation, I had the chance to try the Korres Wild Rose Cream and it hasn't left my routine since.
It is a moisturizer that can be used day and night which means that I can slather it on before my makeup and use it all over again before I go to bed. What really impressed me at first (except its addictive smell) was its texture which is extremely light (borderline watery) so you don't need to use a ton of product. Additionally, because of its texture it gets absorbed immediately, and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed all day long.
After noticing such a difference to my skin, I decided to invest at the Brightening and Line-Smoothing Serum from the same Wild Rose range to use before the cream. I have to say, I like using this as much as the moisturizer, since it leaves my skin with the same feeling of rejuvenation which is something I really enjoy after a long day. I also appreciate the fact that this is a serum that can also be used around your eyes, considering it is a very sensitive area where the first fine lines tend to appear.
Korres is a brand that uses natural ingredients, so I trusted that these products would be good for me. This routine has actually improved my skin because it provides me with all of the moisture I need and I also noticed that this combo acts as an excellent base for my makeup. I generally think this is a great choice for anyone with oily to combination skin, and I would highly recommend it.


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